Technology Transfer Program

  • It is the intent of FOCUSS to leverage the intellectual property assets of private industry and the public sector for the development and growth of American ethnic minorities, women, veterans, and members of the LGBT community (start-ups, existing companies, etc.).  The model has three distinct strategies.

    Patent Donations: FOCUSS's targets for donated patents are late-stage, applied technologies that relate to the industry clusters within the defined economic development region.

    Out-licensing: FOCUSS will endeavor to develop a successful strategy methodology for working with corporations that may have platform, underutilized, or off-strategy technologies in need of commercialization assistance.  FOCUSS will assess those technologies with the greatest potential for licensing, as well as provide targeted solutions for locating and securing license agreements with the appropriate firms.

    In-licensing: FOCUSS will offer minority-owned companies seeking outside technologies a methodology for identifying potential targets, as well as a national network for locating joint venture, licensing, or purchase opportunities.