Idea Competitions

  • Created to stimulate constructive thought surrounding concepts of innovation and discovery, the FOCUSS Idea Competition provides students a unique opportunity to share and cultivate solutions to "real world" problem statements presented by sponsoring institutions. Competition is open to all current participating college/university students.

    For the Idea Competition, students are given the opportunity to address a problem statement submitted by the sponsoring institution.

    Finalists are then selected from all of the initial submissions. The initial Idea submissions are evaluated by a group of qualified individuals representing both the public and private sectors. Each submission is judged on the following criteria:

    - Statement of the idea (solution) to resolve the problem. (Are the answers to the submission questions well written and clearly thought out?)

    - How innovative/original is the idea?

    - Does the idea provide a solution to a problem?

    During the live competition finalists present their "Idea" to an audience of peers, faculty, entrepreneurs, and distinguished guests from the sponsoring institution. Each finalist has a designated amount of time (e.g., 4 minutes) to present their Idea to a panel of judges who will then choose the winners.

    To see the Official Rules, click here.